Five Color Beans (500g)

Beans are among the best food for a healthy diet. High fiber, low fat, high antioxidant and protein helps to maintain a balanced body. 

Make hearty soup and stew or try our recommended salad recipe below for a wholesome meal. They are super healthy, economical, and easy to prepare! 

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Make Five Color Bean Salad with your favorite dressings. Just chop some French beans, capsicums, cucumber, corns, or dice a few seasonal strawberries, or even add some Mamami Organic Manuka or Sultana Raisins for a touch of sweetness for an easy bowl of wholesome super nutritious Bean Salad.

Product Details : Organic Adzuki, Mung, Pinto, Black and White Beans. No Preservatives, No additives, Gluten Free, High Protein Energy, High Fibre.

Organic net weight 500g.

Product Details
MM Five Color Beans
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