LE Organic Baby Puff - Amaranth & Pumpkin

Yummy and healthy Brown Rice snacks for your kids. Net Weight 40g (10g x 4 packs)

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Organic Amaranth & Pumpkin - Made from fresh Fruit and vegetables, not from concentrate and without any chemical flavoring.

Sprouted Brown Rice is also known as Germinated Brown Rice or GABA rice. 

Easy to digest and contain various organic bio-active nutrients. The soft texture of sprouted brown rice makes our baby puff suitable for you kids!

No Sugar, No Preservatives, No coloring and flavoring.  Gluten Free, Diary Free, Vegan Friendly.

Free of GMO, Chemicals, Additives, Preservative, Coloring & Flavouring.

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Baby Puff Amaranth
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